• How To Shave A 3 Day Stubble Beard For The First Time



    A 3-day stubble beard is a great way of getting manly rugged style without even growing a fuller beard. In fact, there are many trimming-tools that will help you achieve a 3-day stubble and even look well-groomed. So, in this article I have decided to list for you some of the steps and ways you can use to achieve a 3-day stubble beard while at home.




    1. Get a good-quality beard trimmer: this first thing you need to to-do is getting a high-quality beard-trimmer because it will help you achieve great shaving result with optimum comfort. So, make research on some of the beard-trimmers in order to make the best choice when making a purchase. On the other hand, avoid getting cheap beard-trimmers because they tend to irritate the skin and won’t give you the best shaving results.


    1. Prepare the shaving-area: when shaving, hair-clippings tend to drop all over and that’s why you will need to prepare where you’re going to shave from by placing some clothes below to trap the clippings or you may just decide to shave over the sink so that hair-clippings are simply washed-up into the sink afterwards.


    1. Set the beard-trimmer to a fixed-length comb: you will need to select a fixed-length comb and then clip it onto the trimmer. In fact, a fixed comb-length will help you to achieve even shaving results throughout so that you can achieve a great stubble beard look. All in all, most beard trimmers come with over 3 comb-attachments and it’s up to you to choose an attachment that will provide you with the best stubble look.


    1. Wash your face: before you begin shaving, wash and rinse your face with warm water in order to help hydrate the facial-hairs and to prepare them for shaving. In fact, you can even lather-up using a shaving-gel on the parts of the face that you want to shave completely. Additionally, lathering-up your cheeks and neck using a shaving cream will help to prevent cuts, nicks and irritation when shaving.


    1. Trim your facial-hair: you will have to trim your facial-hair to an even length using a beard-trimmer. In fact, trimming facial-hair before shaving will help to reduce on pulling and tugging while shaving and it also helps to prevent clogging of blades when shaving since most facial-hair would have been removed already.


    1. Define the beard shape: after trimming most facial-hair, remove the trimmer-comb attachment and then define the beard-shape using bare trimmer-blades. In fact, for best styling results try to keep the hair shorter on the neck and cheeks.


    1. Look into the mirror to check for symmetry: you will need to look into the mirror when defining and trimming your beards because this will help you achieve a perfect symmetry as you shave. However, try not to trim too-much off in attempt to achieve an even look.


    1. Shave with gentle and light strokes: use only beard-trimmer blades without an attachment-comb to shave facial-hairs with light and gentle strokes until you achieve a close-shave. However, don’t completely trim-off the hair on cheeks, chin and mustache if you want to achieve a great stubble-look.


    1. Edge your beard with a precision-trimmer: most beard-trimmers have an integrated precision-trimmer that is specifically designed for precision trimming. So, use the precision-trimmer to define the shape of your beard-line and to achieve clean-edges so that your stubble can be visible from bare skin.


    1. Rinse and dry up your face: after shaving stubble, rinse-off the face with cool-water because this will help to reduce on after-effects of shaving and then use a soft dry-towel to remove any excess water.


    1. Moisturize your face: afterwards, get a good moisturizing aftershave and apply it to your face. This will actually help to hydrate and soothe your skin from any irritations caused while shaving. However, avoid using alcohol-based aftershaves because they tend to escalate skin-irrigations and even dry out your skin.


    1. Clean your electric shaver: Even the best electric shavers for men harbor lots of dirt if used often - so make sure you clean your electric shaver  to remove dirt. Do this by removing the blades and then use a brush and warm-water to clean them. Don’t forget to also clean the attachment-combs and after oil the shaver's-blades in order to prevent them from getting rusty and to keep them in a great working-condition for longer. On the other hand, incase you were using a disposable trimmer/razor, then just dispose it after shaving but there are trimmer with only disposable-blades or heads and with such trimmer you will just have to throw dispose the trimmer-head and then get a new head the next time your shaving. If you want to upgrade your shaver, go here...


    1. Clean the shaving area: if you’re shaving in the bathroom over the sink then you will just have to use running tap-water to get rid of any hairs-trimmings. If you were trimming over the counter then use a brush to clean-off any hair-clippings and then wrap then into a paper or cloth, take them for disposal and now you will be good to go with a nice-looking stubble-look.


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